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JW Talks Health

3 Myths That Erode Your Fitness Confidence


3 Myths That Erode Your Fitness Confidence

Some of you mentioned that confidence and self esteem were obstacles when it comes to moving forward, and rightfully so, because confidence is a make-it-or-break-it thing. With fitness you must have confidence in yourself and the programs you’re using as well as your ability to get results. You’re going to stand a lot better chance of getting what you want than if your confidence is low as your chances plummet. I’ve suffered from confidence issues and self-esteem issues my whole life but I’ve noticed over the years that there are three main myths that permeate our Fitness culture and they feed off of our insecurities. Sometimes, in an effort to try and sell us things that we don’t need, advertisers use these myths to prey on us thus unleashing a lot of that internal resistance. Myth number one is that fitness only happens for the lucky or the special few individuals like celebrities or people who have the right genetics. This is a complete myth because fitness is a process of mother nature and it happens for everybody, as all you need to do in order to qualify is to want to get in better shape and you have to be living here on planet Earth so if you’ve got those two,then congratulations, you qualify. Processes of mother nature apply to everybody and nobody is excluded as everybody can smell a rose and enjoy the beauty of a sunset, regardless of who you are and the same goes for the physiological processes that impact your fitness. Speaking of which, these physiological, mechanical processes that your body needs to do, in order to change, are already happening to you and you don’t need to be special to make it happen. That’s how the universe works!

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