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JW Talks Health

Calisthenics For MMA and Martial Arts


Calisthenics For MMA and Martial Arts

Today I’m fielding questions that some of you have been asking about building strength and conditioning, particularly through calisthenics as it applies towards martial arts, MMA, Tec mundo boxing, full-contact underground Yahtzee and whatever else you’re involved in. What kind of routine should you be following? Well, here’s the thing and this is not just about martial arts but sports in general, and that is that strength and conditioning are kind of like ingredients that you bake into a cake. You go into the grocery store you don’t say, okay where are your cake specific eggs? It’s a basic simple ingredient that you can use in a specific way to get a specific result and that’s kind of the way that almost all strength and conditioning really needs to work. We don’t need to have fancy functional training exercise as this became very popular in the 90’s when people were attaching golf clubs to cable machines and mimicking golf movements. Basic strength and conditioning is gonna more than cover everything you need with those raw ingredients and those strengths and abilities that you build from those moves will then allow you to apply them towards your martial art through your specific training. It’s the actual training of the martial art that is far more important than strength and conditioning stuff. It builds up those raw qualities that then can be turned into your abilities through the practice that you do now. With that said, the caveat to that is see if you have any glaring weaknesses that you should focus on, so ask your coach or instructor what he thinks is holding you back and then training specifically base on the answer he gives you. So if your endurance is lacking or if you’re winded like crazy and you can’t keep your hands up at the end of a round then practice your stamina through drills that improve your stamina or circuit training. Maybe, just get into a drill where you’re just free sparring one person right after the other with very little rest or if your grip is your weak link, or you just can’t seem to hold on at the end of a match, then do towel hangs or practice things that challenge your grip. Remember, if you need stronger legs, then practice things that challenge your leg strength, if you need more stamina practice in a way that challenges your endurance, it’s not very complicated but again that’s only really applicable if you have a specific weakness to work on, otherwise general strength and conditioning is the way to go.

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