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Movement Monday; Improving Your Sit Ups


Movement Monday; Improving Your Sit Ups

Welcome once again to movement Monday and today’s movement of the week is sit ups. Now the biggest mistakes that a lot of people make with sit ups is that they do way too many of them and they do them very quickly and lock their body in place, somehow pulling on their neck. Their legs are locked in with something similar to a sit-up. We’re gonna take things a little bit differently here, as we’re gonna do straight, flat on the floor sit ups in a slow controlled manner, hands out in front so legs are straight on out, laying on your back. Tense up your abs, your quads, your hips and every muscle on the front side of your body, as you curl yourself up, sit up gently and get a slight stretch in your hamstrings. Then, come back down with a smooth motion that’s the body weight version and you can do it also with rollers or suspension trainers, which will make it very difficult.
All you’re doing is placing handles of some sort roughly around your thigh or knee height on your body and then you press into your hands as you push up. What this does is it puts extra abdominal tension into the movement from your upper body, so now you’re pulling with the lower body, pushing yourself forward at the same time, makeing the exercise extra intense. Also, make sure that you have tension on the front of your body so you’re not pulling too much on the lower back or tweaking your neck. Also, at the top you can sit up as I like to just press down and elevate my heels a little bit to get more of a pseudo isometric leg raise. Put it down and then reverse it. So, give it a try and let me know if you have any thoughts or questions.

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